Certified in Relationship & Couple Coaching, I have created a space to allow my clients to express themselves for who they really are. Within that space, I help my clients improve their relationships. If you are an individual or a couple, let me help you learn to communicate more effectively, deal with conflicts and understand the dynamics of your relationship. I coach individuals and couples who feel stuck or are transitioning as well as couples facing separation. I also help individuals to understand their situation, analyse dating patterns and clarify what they seek in a relationship. Every love story is chartered jointly by two people and I am here to help you navigate. 

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Couple & Family Coaching 

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Specialized in cross-cultural relationships and expatriates

  • Do you feel lonely in your relationship?

  • Do you feel hurt?

  • Staying or leaving, cannot decide?

  • Going through a separation?

  • In a relationship with a narcissist?

  • Facing differences?

  • Keep fighting?

  • Need to reconnect?

  • Do you want to feel loved and love again?

  • Questions about coparenting?